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Wedding Gown Alteration

Our seamstress are known for their impeccable work and exceptional craftsmanship when it comes to fitting a bridal dress. Alterations are free of charge on any item purchased from our boutique either evening dresses or bridal gowns. Our alterations are limited to the followings jobs and they are only done on booked appointments: – Wedding Dress length shortening – Wedding Dress size adjustment (Waist, Hips, or Bust areas) – Measurements Any other jobs related to tailoring or alterations such as adding crystals, or even extra fabric would be an additional charge. We also do alterations on garments purchased elsewhere.

Wedding Dress Pressing & Steaming

We can offer that your gown or your bridal party’s attire is pressed for your special day at a certain price offered to our customers only.

Wedding Dress Storage

Wedding Dress Storage 70 Dhs per month to be kept at our storage rooms with great conditions and full care.

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